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As the season at CCS ended this past Saturday night, we have decided we will be closing the race track after this year. There were several factors that we had to consider to move on but ultimately it led us to this decision. Times change and we have accepted that.

Since the first race in mid summer 2010, our main goal was to bring in new entertainment to our community and a place for drivers to race affordably and have fun, and we feel that we have accomplished that. It’s been great to see people step in to this sport and grow here at this track who may not have gotten a chance. We’ve seen families come together and new friends made here on Saturday nights at CCS and that’s one of the greatest things to witness as promoters. We hope to see you all continue in this sport in some way.

It was a long journey to put this together and to get the facility where it is today. Without all the support from this community, it would not have been possible. Thanks to everyone who had a hand in building the track and this facility.

Big thanks to all the drivers who have raced here, built cars, and decided to race at our track. You put on great shows and memorable moments for everyone watching. Without you guys, there wouldn’t have been a show. Thanks to the Iowa Micro Sprint Series for your support since the very first race in 2010. We’ve had the pleasure to watch the group grow in this state and provide great excitement to the track. We’ve seen drivers from all over the Midwest and one driver from Australia here and that was something we never thought we would see.

We would like to thank each and every one of our staff members since the beginning. You’ve been a big part of this operation and we were glad that you were a part of the team. Big thanks to the Osceola Volunteer Fire Department, Woodburn Volunteer Fire Department, Clarke County Hospital, Columbia Ambulance Service, Osceola Police Department and Clarke County Sheriff Department for your involvement at CCS. Thanks to all of our great sponsors past and present for being there and advertising with us at the track. Thanks to TS Web Designs, JT Racing Graphics, Forcht Graphics, RRP Race Graphics. Without all of your help, this wouldn’t be possible.

Last but not least, all of the fans that came out to enjoy the races. We’re grateful to have had you walk though the gates on Saturday nights to support this track, the community and the drivers. Thanks to our family and friends for your help and support.

Like I have said countless times before, we can’t thank you all enough for the past several years. It’s been a pleasure to bring this sport to this area. Lots of memories were made and we hope you will never forget the great times here.

Thank you and we’ll see you at the races!
Tim, Janene, Colton, Garrett Nelson

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