Tim Nelson

Track Configuration

1/4 mile Dirt Clay Oval - Figure 8

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East on Highway 34, 2 miles from Osceola,
2495 Hwy 34 Osceola, Iowa


CCS B Mods, Iowa Mirco Sprints, Street Stock Front Wheel Drive, Outlaw Hobby Stock Class, Pro 4 Truck Class, Junior FWD Division


Admission Prices:

Adults $8
Children 6-12 $3
Children 5 and under FREE
Pit Pass $ 20

Clarke County Speedway
2015 General Rules
Drivers and their pit crew members are responsible to know these rules.
No excuses.
Disclaimer:Clarke County Speedway, LLC. does not imply or guarantee safety. Total responsibility of vehicle safety and rule compliance is owner/driver, not Clarke County Speedway, LLC. Officials reserve the right to alter program or purse structure in the interest of time restraints. Clarke County Speedway officials have all rights to refuse any vehicle entered into event.

- NO Alcohol ON GROUNDS AT ALL TIMES: (It’s a family show.)
- Security will ask you to leave with NO REFUNDS.
- If you are caught in the pits without an arm band you will pay double or leave.
Minor Waivers:

Our insurance company requires a 2 PAGE MINOR RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY FOR EVERY MINOR ENTERING OUR PIT AREA. THIS MUST BE NOTARIZED, BY A NOTARY OFFICER.  Only one parent needs to sign this. Both parents are not required for authorization at our facility.

To comply, you have 2 options.


  1. DOWNLOAD 2 PAGE RELEASE AND WAIVER Click here for the 2015 Minor Wavier
  2. Though it shows space for 2, only 1 parent needs to locate a notary to witness and stamp form (photo I.D).
  3. Minor can now enter the pit area with this release, with or without a parent in attendance.


  2. IF CONDITION A. IS MET, our staff notary can witness and notarize your release and waiver forms on race day.

*These releases are a one time requirement each year. They will be on file at the pit shack and are valid for the entire race season.
*Please note, these are individual waivers required for all minors, birth to 17.
*Any questions – call Janene Nelson at 641-342-3850; leave a message and phone #, if I miss your call. Race day calls, use the track number, 641-414-9104. You may be referred to another number for precise instructions.
2015 General Rules
1. Race Procedures/Driver Info
Registration: All drivers must register at the pit gate and must have all paperwork completed before you will be allowed to compete. Others also must sign paperwork to be allowed in pits.
Pit Spots: Pit Spots are first come, first serve.
Drivers/Pit Meeting: A drivers/pit meeting will be conducted right after hot laps or it will be announced for an alternate time. These meetings will be conducted at the pit shack or will be noted otherwise if in an different location. Drivers will need to attend these meetings before each race. Any rule changes and/or information will be discussed in these meetings. It is important for each driver to be there.
Order of Events/Line Ups:  The order of events will be posted on the line up board at the pit shack and staging area shack.  You are responsible to know when your event is and to be there on time. No one will come and get you. Be lined up in the staging area two races prior to the white flag on the track. If you are not there, the line up official has the option to place you at the tail.
Tech inspection: All classes may go through tech weekly. Tech info will be announced in the drivers meeting. Cars that made tech must go directly to the tech area after their division’s race event. Failing to do so will result in a DQ. During tech, if you are found illegal, it will result with a disqualification and you will lose points and money for that night. All cars must pass a safety inspection and comply with the official’s decision on make/model, to be safe and equally competitive. Unobserved items escaping detection during inspection does not make them legal. Non-conformance to the rules will be called illegal. All permitted LEGAL exceptions to the rules will be noted by Clarke County Speedway on the entry blank.
Line Up Procedure: Race line ups will be created by point average. Season opener and season championship nights will be excluded.
Heat races are lined up with the lowest point average on the pole, second lowest on the pole of the second heat, so on and so forth. Features are lined up the same way. The cars that make the invert are grouped together and the lowest point average of those cars goes on the pole, second lowest goes outside front row. The cars that do not make invert go to the back of the field according to their finish in the heat races.
If a B-feature is required, it will be lined up by heat race finish. Qualifiers from the B-feature will fill in the rest of the positions in the A-Main the order they finished.
Inverts are as follows:

INVERT for A-Features
1 heat – ALL or 5 cars invert.
2 heats – 5 cars invert in each heat for total of 10
3 heats - 4 cars invert in each heat for total of 12
4 heats - 3 cars invert in each heat for total of 12
5 heats - 2 cars invert in each heat for total of 10
6 heats - 2 cars invert in each heat for total of 12

Any new driver during the season, will start at the tail of the field. If they make the invert in the heat race, they will start in the last invert position in the feature. If a driver misses two races in a row, upon the drivers return, they will be considered as a “new car” with “no point average” and will start at the back of the line ups.
Any driver that does not finish the heat race, the driver or drivers will start at the back of the B-Feature or A-Feature.
*Note- It may be an official(s) call to change the invert procedures or number of cars for the invert on the night of events. Changes will be noted in the drivers meeting.
If a driver switches cars for an event, that driver will forfeit their starting spot and will start at the tail of the following event.
Point Structure: An “A” Feature event win is worth 40 points, 2nd place is 39 points and each position afterwards is one less point. Minimum points awarded for the night is 11. Drivers must complete at least one scored lap to receive full points for that night’s events. Points go with the driver, not the car.
Spin Rule: We will use the 1-spin rule in the heat race and “B” features, and the 2-Spin rule in the “A” features. If you are stopped when the yellow or red flag is thrown you will be considered involved. Micro Sprints: 2 spin rule in all events.
Green Flag: When pulling on to the track the front row cars together, have the responsibility to bring the field of cars around at a moderate speed two by two, bumper to bumper. If this condition exists, the green flag will be displayed after coming out of turn four corner. Once we are under green, if there is a yellow or red on the first lap, the race will restart double file in the original starting order.
Yellow Flag: When the yellow is displayed, immediately slow down and get into single file. The track officials will get you into proper position as given to them by the scorers. If the track official motions to you to split, make room. If the track official points at you, find the nearest open hole. The yellow flag will be displayed when cars are dead on the track. Any car stopped on the track when the yellow is displayed will be disqualified. (We will use the 1-spin rule in the heat race and B-Mains, and the 2-Spin rule in the feature.) We will score the event until the yellow flag light is displayed. This means that if the leader takes the green flag, the lap counts and those cars passing under the green will be scored in that position. The remaining field of cars at the point when the yellow is displayed will revert back to the last completed lap. Lapped cars will be placed on the tail of the pack and regain one lap. You can regain only one lap per event.
Yellow Flag Restarts: Yellow flag restarts will be single file, bumper to bumper until the green flag is waved. If you pull out of line and pass other cars before the green, you will be penalized two positions for pulling out and the positions for each car you pass. They will be given at the next caution, red flag, or end of race, which ever comes first. The race will restart by green light or green flag, not when the leader picks up the pace.  
Red Flag: The red flag is displayed when another car has gone upside down or if the ambulance is needed. When you see red, STOP!!! There will be no pit persons allowed on the track for any repairs.
Black Flag: The black flag will be used for excessive smoke, fluids, body parts and QUESTIONABLE DRIVING. It will be a judgment call from the flag man and CCS officials. You will not be scored from the point you have been black flagged. For the fellow racers safety, exit the track once you have been given the black flag.
Lay Over Flag: The lay over will be shown when the leaders are approaching. Don’t go high, don’t go low. Keep your car in a straight line. If you are racing someone, both of you need to figure out how to get single file for the leader to get around you.
3. Pit/Track Conduct:
NO FIGHTING ALLOWED! Drivers are responsible for their crew. There are NO exceptions. Penalties will be determined by CCS officials. Penalties/suspensions that may result: First offense- 1 race suspension, Second offense- 2 race suspension, Third offense- official’s decision.
If any track official is physically touched or injured in a threatening manner by a driver and/or pit crew member, is an automatic one year suspension.
If a driver/pit crew member uses a vehicle as a weapon on the property, this action will result in a life time ban from events at the Clarke County Speedway. No exceptions.
No riding on cars at all times. Must drive through the pit area at a slow speed.
Drivers may not exit there racecar while on the racing surface at CCS unless in a safety-threatening situation or with an officials permission.
Drivers, pit crew or spectators may not enter the racing surface at any time without a track official’s permission.                     
Rules subject may change without notice

Any questions or information call 641-414-9104